Monday, March 10, 2008


Iam so tired of winter!! I want to get outside and walk, plant flowers,
sit in the sun (as if that ever happens), not have to put my coat on, not
have to start the car at 4:15 to leave at 4:25, get the idea.

I have started doing some sewing again. I'm making table runners and placemats. I love being able to change things around and redecorate, so
I'm making several different styles and colors. I'm also making one for my mother in-law. (By saying that, I'll have to finish it.) The first picture
is the the fabric I'm using for placemats, napkins, and table runner for the dining room table. The second picture is a piece in progress. It's going to
go on the center of the game table downstairs with a candle on it.


Carrie said...

Very pretty, mom! And me too! I miss summer.

Minkydo said...

Love that material. I would love to see it when your all done.

I must be tired of winter too cause I fired up the grill yesterday. I just wish we could skip the wet/muddy season otherwise known as Spring.