Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thank you God for my children!

The family gathered together for Thanksgiving in Madelia where some of Dales family live. We have so much to be thankful for. The thing that I'm most thankful for is my family. We have truly been blessed with children that (for the most part) have been easy to raise. The older ones have started wonderful, good looking families and are strong assets in their church. Did I tell you we have the smartest and best looking grandkids and grand dog around?

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Wish Lists for Christmas

It was requested that I put everyones wish lists on our website. I don't have Jeannes yet.

-An evening curled up on the couch next to Mom,
listening to all my kids playing their instruments
and singing Christmas songs, with a crackling fire
in the fireplace, hot dogs and marshmallows roasting
on the fire, apple cider to drink, and whatever else I
think of between now and then to add to the scene.
-DVD+RW 4.7 gigabyte blank discs
-4 or 8 gigabyte flash drive
-zip up neckties
-tall sized socks
-spice drops
-peanut or almond M & M's

This is the worst year for me to come up with a wish list. I can't think of one thing I want that is either inexpensive enough or that money can buy. What I want most of all is time with my kids and grandkids, and to have a nice long visit with my dad. I miss everyone. Other than that, I guess the best thing would be gift cards, a nice centerpiece for my coffee table, new family pictures for my wall, and new pictures of my grandkids.

- socks (for bigger feet)
- Willow Tree figurines
- iron
- jewelry
- electric pan
- ornaments
- decorations for my house (CoachHouse gifts has the kind of stuff I like)
- feet massages
- cook books (realistic for church cookbooks)
- watch for work with all the numbers plus second hand
- gift cards are always good
- scrubs..I'd like a red pair with the Cardinals emblem embroidered on the front pocket

- black Crocs- mens size 10
- Diesel cologne
- leather slim-line large print NLT Bible
- dress clothes shirts size xxl or 18 pants size 40x32
- sweaters size xxl
- new socks (sport and dress)
- gift cards are always nice

- new TF1000 basketball 28.5
- basketball shorts- size large 12-14
- sweat bands
- sports duffel bag
- Cardinals baseball cap
- XBOX 360
- mp3 player
- biography books
- surprises

- bike
- PS -hand held gaming system
- remote- control car
- history books
- Harry Potter books (all of them)
- Flushed Away
- Meet the Robinsons
- playing cards
- sweatshirts- size medium (10-12)
- wind pants- size medium (8-10)
- jeans- size 10
- cool belt- (cool buckle)
- new baseball bat
- basketball TF1000
- sweatbands

- Mini USB optical mouse for my laptop (doesn't have to be this one, I prefer a cord and not battery)
- "Refiner's Fire" book series, by Lynn Austin
- Skechers black Calies shoes, size 10
- Lace bangle watch from Target
- Makeup mirror (if it's corded, not battery)
- Tote bag for my laptop
- Long white, black, and charcoal tank tops

- wood rasp
- Warcraft III (computer game)
- Woodcraft giftcard

- House deco or... gift certificates for house deco
- clothes- sweaters mostly
- earrings and necklaces- (there is a necklace atTarget that I love
- with a long chain and a big roundmetal pendant on it)
- some of the a little bit older romantic comedies-like
- My Best Friend's Wedding- not Ghost

- Demon Hunter (Christian Metal) (NOT latest release)
- JRR Tolkien's "Children of Hurin" (firstedition/first printing) for my collection
- Packer's Football Paraphernalia
- DVD of past games
- Football Jersey (green or white) #4 FAVRE
- tickets to Packer's game at Lambeau Field
- War Movies (no nudity)
- Baby Alive (she really wants this)
- Hannah Montana Barbie
- Hannah Montana car
- Hannah Montana microphone
- magnadoodle (the small kind)
- Dora refrigerator
- only for me fruit roll-ups
- chocolate candy bar
- digital camera with a view screen (she loves to take pics on my phone)
- kid games (like Hi-ho Cherry-oh)
- a baby?
- Princess suitcase
- She loves to draw, so anything that has to do withthat, she will love.

- Joel says he wants Santa Claus and a house and a fridge and a brown bear. And that's all he wants. He would probably like:
- balls (he loves balls, especially bouncy balls)
- cars

- Legos
- Overalls
- Clothes for work
- Goose Island Rootbeer
- Gift Certificate to Barnes & Noble or Best Buy
- Watch (I have big wrists)
- Bald wig
- Address book (with space to write)
- Chocolate Chipless Cookie Dough (like Polly owes me)
- any Asterix and Obelix Books
- any Tintin Books
- Movies:
- The Pixar Short Films Movie(!!!!)
- Laurel and Hardy 3-pack at Target(20th Century Fox)
- Old Maid, starring Bette Davis
- Charlie Chaplin's The Gold Rush
- Guitar
- Laptop
- Car
- Riverfront Property (house included)
- Pretty wife who laughs at my jokes and can balance a checkbook
- lots of other stuff

- Jeans
- Sweaters
- Hat, scarf, and mitten sets
- Apache mall gift card
- Shoes
- Portfolio for my drawings
- Medium-Advanced piano books
- Comfy pajamas
- Bathrobe
- Real Alive baby

- Brandon Heath "Don't Get Comfortable" cd
- This is Me by Jeffrey Dean
- Cute Shoes
- Clothes
- Chris Rice "Amusing" cd
- Hawk Nelson "Letters to the President" cd
- Um.... other cds
- Very cute apron that's at target.
- Basketball
- Books

- Airsoft gun
- trail-cam
- I-pod
- laptop
- paintball gun
- blaze bibs
- power tools
- cds
- model car or air plane
- rook cards
- legos
- shirts, pants, shoes
- drum set

- Rocktron Classic Wah Pedal
- Ibanez AW7 Tone Lok Autowah Pedal (Same Link)
- Boss DD-3 Digital Delay Pedal
- Electric Guitar
- Epiphone Les Paul Jr. 90 Electric Guitar (Vintage Sunburst)
- Legos
- I-Pod
- NHL 2008
- Airsoft/Paintball guns
- NFL 2008
- Guitar Cables
- Guitar Amp
- Gift Certificates to Wal-Mart and Schmitt Music
- Saxophone supplies (such as Cork Grease, Pad Saver, and Key Oil.)
- Laptop
- Recording program with plug-in for a guitar cable
- Flash Drive
- Bicycle Cards (Blue and Red)
- Double side Blue-Red Backed cards (preferably Bicycle)
- Videos

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Another Room Almost Finished

Here's a picture of our den. Arranging furniture in this room has been a bit challenging. It's large, but laid out strange. I have a large plant that is going in the corner between the bookcase and entertainment center. I also need drapes of some sort. I need to figure out where in the house to put the computer. I really want something that closes up so it is hidden. I also would like to fit another bookcase or two in for Dale without having a cramped feeling or looking awful. I'm thinking maybe the laundry room? Some day he'll have a home office again with wall to wall bookshelves, I'm sure.