Friday, April 17, 2009

My Entryway

Well, I'm going to try blogging again. I love reading what everyone else is doing and even though the things I do aren't as interesting, I'll try to keep people posted. I've decided that one reason I have trouble keeping up with my blog, is it's too much like journaling and I have never liked journaling. I have also decided that journaling is healthy, so I'll try again.
I have had the past 2 days off and my project was my entryway. (Plus several other projects that didn't get done.) I have wanted to get more family pictures up and thought this was the best spot. I needed a cabinet/shelf above my microwave in the kitchen and also wanted some sort of saying by the pictures in the entryway. I bought an unfinished 12x30 cabinet, took the door off, turned it sideways and had Dale mount it so I'd have a shelf, but there would still be the support for the microwave. I then took the door and painted it to make the sign by the pictures. It says "together we're a family". I will just keep adding pictures. I really like how it turned out.