Sunday, August 31, 2008

Monday, August 11, 2008

Sister's (in-law) Trip

What a week! I spent the last week in a mini van with 5 other women traveling somewhere around 2800 miles. I'm not sure what I was thinking going that far with in-laws! Just kidding. We had fun, mostly. We have decided that things are ........m...u...c...h..............s...l...o...w...e...r..

in the south. Two of the meals that weren't fast food, (were they the only two that weren't?), took between an hour and a half and two hours a piece. We didn't do much for shopping, it was a sight seeing trip, but in a Walmart somewhere down south we stood in line for 20 minutes. Nobody seemed to care and it appeared to be normal to everyone but us "northerners". After all the waiting I only spent $7, on hairspray and a book light. I do believe my sister in-laws are crazier than anybody's though. They brought Brenda along taped onto a paint stick and brought her in everywhere we went. It was "sister on a stick" for you Jeff Dunham fans. Her picture was taken doing everything everyone else did. They sang their order at one restaurant, sang like sheep in the car, each picked a different animal voice and sang like that animal, and all other sorts of crazy things. I figure I have enough information to get each and every one of them committed. Here are a couple pictures of the sisters in front of two of the mansions. The bottom one includes sister on a stick. I'll post more about the trip in a couple days. Right now I have to go pick up pizza and join our small group for miniature golf!