Friday, May 8, 2009

To My Kids on Mother's Day

Being a mom to all of you is the best job in the whole world. I am so proud of all of you! You make me as your mom look good. I wish I could say that the reason you are all what you are today, is because of me. But, I know that with all the mistakes I made, it is only because of all the prayers that you all turned out so wonderful. Jessica, my poor firstborn, you had to be the one that I began my learning journey on. You have turned into a beautiful woman, with a beautiful family. I am so proud of everything you have accomplished. Going back to school while taking care of a family is something not everyone could have done and you made it look easy. Your boys are so lucky to have you for their mom. Betsy, you were so different from Jessica as a child, that I had no clue what I was doing most of the time. I am so sorry for the years where I didn't understand you. I can tell that you are a wonderful mother already, even though you've only had the job part time so far. You are the most giving person I know. I want to be just like you when I grow up! Carrie, you I understood the best. I at least knew that every child is different when you came along. You were way too much like me. Sometimes that was a good thing, but other times I knew (and still know) what you were thinking. Scary! Thank you for taking all the good mothering skills I had and using them and trying to learn from my mistakes. Bob, my first son, I never understood but always loved! I still don't understand how with 3 older sisters, you could pick up any object and turn it into a car or train. You made mothering the younger kids a whole lot easier with your example. I can never thank you enough for always saying, "coming" when I would call you. It was a wonderful example to the younger kids. Jeanne, I understood you the least, but again I always loved you. Looking back I would have done many things differently. Polly, oh Polly! You have always been such a joy. You are the most encouraging person I know. I have had people come to me and ask if you were my daughter, then tell me how you encouraged them in one way or another. I will miss your bright eyes and sweet smile when you leave home. Peggy, my creative one. You have such a delightful mixture of fun and thoughtfulness, with a lot of opinion thrown in. I can't wait to see where you go in your journey through life. You brighten up so many lives with your little gifts left just when somebody needs them. Jimmy, where do I even start? You have been such a bright spot in so many lives. You are so ready with your wonderful smile. You have never been afraid of learning anything new. You have the personality everyone admires. Billy You have always been so hard to stay ahead of. Your mind works overtime, I think. I love the times when you sit and chat with me. You do so much! Bible bowl, media at church, youth group, ...... it's really neat how several people at church count on you.

I just want you all to know how very much I love you and I am so glad God chose me to be your mom!


Polly Blanshan said...

I'm glad I read this when you weren't around. 'Cause I almost started crying...and then you would've started crying. :)
I love you, Mom! I was just telling one of my friends the other day how you are my hero. You raised 9 kids, and a few extra. And even with all that, you've had times where you've done daycare, catering, and all sorts of volunteer work. And on top of that, you've always been a person who welcomes so many people into our home. I loved growing up in a home where people were always welcome. Where I can have 30 kids over on a Monday night once a week, and you just graciously receive them, no matter how much extra work they make for you.
And above all, you've always been an amazing mother. Through your example and words you've taught me self-confidence, how to laugh even when life is a bit difficult, that chocolate solves almost everything, that family comes first no matter what, how to stretch a penny, that a heart always has room for one more, and so many more things that I can't begin to name! All of the qualities about each of us kids, we learned from you. I never would've learned the power of encouragement if you hadn't shown it to me first.
I love you, Mom! Happy Mother's Day!

Bob said...

I love you Mom.

Realeasy said...

I am sad as I write this comment. Not for me, but for the countless thousands of others who will never know what this is like. Who will never have the opportunity to have a wife as special and wonderful and amazing and.......(insert helpful adjective here) as Jessica, boys that make every day something unique....and to think I owe it all to you! The teenager who,whith wisdom and love beyond her years, said that I will not run from my unplanned pregnancy. I will choose life. I will not be selfish. I will give up my life for the sake of my child. (now I'm crying) I will do the right thing! I think of how easy it might have been for myself and the rest of the world to never have known Jessica, and I thank God that he gave her to you. Someone who would love, cherish, and nurture a life, and not throw it away. How my own life would be so different were it not for you. When I look at you, I see not just my mother-in-law, I see the reason that my life is complete. I see my wife, my boys, my life! How can I say thanks.......? I love you mom; and, if hadn't said it before....Thanks! James

me said...

I'm excited to get together this morning, but I'll be a little late coming over because I just took time to read this and then started crying. Thanks for saying all that. You were such a good mom--don't sell yourself short. Happy Mother's Day!

jessicalolene said...

Yikes! I'm not sure how I missed this post until now. Thanks for breaking the dam that held back my tears until now. I can't stop crying. Luckily no one is here to see so I'll be able to deny.
Lately when I look in the mirror I have started seeing you. I don't mind at all.
I, too, wish we were closer. Maybe someday we will be. Even from a far, though, you are a wonderful mom and good grandma.
We kids turned out how we did, in large part, because of you and you should be proud of that.
I love you.