Friday, May 8, 2009

Carrie and the kids are coming Sunday, staying for 2 weeks and I'm so excited. I don't want to go back to living in Iowa, but I really miss seeing my kids and grandkids more often. I used to see Jessica and the boys once a week during piano lessons and Carrie and I would meet and shop, or just visit. I wish that we were all closer. I know this is the way that it is "supposed" to be. Kids leave their family and have their own family, but it still is hard for this mom. I have a friend who has had her daughter and kids move in with them. In my warped mind, I'm jealous. Even though, I know that's not the way God intended a family and I would never wish my kids to go through that heartache, I want them close. Maybe, I should have had more kids! HA HA

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Polly Blanshan said...

Oh heavens no! No more kids! :D