Monday, May 4, 2009

Clothes Shopping

I hate clothes shopping. First off, I don't like trying on clothes, I don't like the prices and don't like the limited styles. I have been looking for dresses for several different functions lately and haven't had any luck. Last weekend I was looking for a dress for a banquet and didn't find anything. I've also been looking for a dress for Peggy's graduation and one for Bob and Sarah's wedding. So far, I haven't found what I wanted. I do much better when someone comes along and encourages me to try different things on. Sarah and Peggy went along one day last week, but our time was limited. I think I'll wait and see if Carrie and Betsy will come along next week!
I love spending time with my kids. (You too Sarah!) I am so blessed!


Carrie said...

I have some summer shopping to do as well, so let's make a date! I've exhausted all my options here with not much luck. :(

Abbi said...

I don't enjoy shopping very much either! It is better when you have a friend to go along. Going to some of the stores in DC made me thankful for the prices we have here! (Even though I don't often like them either.) In DC I looked at a couple of skirts, one was $98 and the other $78. Then we went to the men's store and found a nice Polo shirt for $99.50. Needless to say we didn't buy anything!