Sunday, November 25, 2007

Wish Lists for Christmas

It was requested that I put everyones wish lists on our website. I don't have Jeannes yet.

-An evening curled up on the couch next to Mom,
listening to all my kids playing their instruments
and singing Christmas songs, with a crackling fire
in the fireplace, hot dogs and marshmallows roasting
on the fire, apple cider to drink, and whatever else I
think of between now and then to add to the scene.
-DVD+RW 4.7 gigabyte blank discs
-4 or 8 gigabyte flash drive
-zip up neckties
-tall sized socks
-spice drops
-peanut or almond M & M's

This is the worst year for me to come up with a wish list. I can't think of one thing I want that is either inexpensive enough or that money can buy. What I want most of all is time with my kids and grandkids, and to have a nice long visit with my dad. I miss everyone. Other than that, I guess the best thing would be gift cards, a nice centerpiece for my coffee table, new family pictures for my wall, and new pictures of my grandkids.

- socks (for bigger feet)
- Willow Tree figurines
- iron
- jewelry
- electric pan
- ornaments
- decorations for my house (CoachHouse gifts has the kind of stuff I like)
- feet massages
- cook books (realistic for church cookbooks)
- watch for work with all the numbers plus second hand
- gift cards are always good
- scrubs..I'd like a red pair with the Cardinals emblem embroidered on the front pocket

- black Crocs- mens size 10
- Diesel cologne
- leather slim-line large print NLT Bible
- dress clothes shirts size xxl or 18 pants size 40x32
- sweaters size xxl
- new socks (sport and dress)
- gift cards are always nice

- new TF1000 basketball 28.5
- basketball shorts- size large 12-14
- sweat bands
- sports duffel bag
- Cardinals baseball cap
- XBOX 360
- mp3 player
- biography books
- surprises

- bike
- PS -hand held gaming system
- remote- control car
- history books
- Harry Potter books (all of them)
- Flushed Away
- Meet the Robinsons
- playing cards
- sweatshirts- size medium (10-12)
- wind pants- size medium (8-10)
- jeans- size 10
- cool belt- (cool buckle)
- new baseball bat
- basketball TF1000
- sweatbands

- Mini USB optical mouse for my laptop (doesn't have to be this one, I prefer a cord and not battery)
- "Refiner's Fire" book series, by Lynn Austin
- Skechers black Calies shoes, size 10
- Lace bangle watch from Target
- Makeup mirror (if it's corded, not battery)
- Tote bag for my laptop
- Long white, black, and charcoal tank tops

- wood rasp
- Warcraft III (computer game)
- Woodcraft giftcard

- House deco or... gift certificates for house deco
- clothes- sweaters mostly
- earrings and necklaces- (there is a necklace atTarget that I love
- with a long chain and a big roundmetal pendant on it)
- some of the a little bit older romantic comedies-like
- My Best Friend's Wedding- not Ghost

- Demon Hunter (Christian Metal) (NOT latest release)
- JRR Tolkien's "Children of Hurin" (firstedition/first printing) for my collection
- Packer's Football Paraphernalia
- DVD of past games
- Football Jersey (green or white) #4 FAVRE
- tickets to Packer's game at Lambeau Field
- War Movies (no nudity)
- Baby Alive (she really wants this)
- Hannah Montana Barbie
- Hannah Montana car
- Hannah Montana microphone
- magnadoodle (the small kind)
- Dora refrigerator
- only for me fruit roll-ups
- chocolate candy bar
- digital camera with a view screen (she loves to take pics on my phone)
- kid games (like Hi-ho Cherry-oh)
- a baby?
- Princess suitcase
- She loves to draw, so anything that has to do withthat, she will love.

- Joel says he wants Santa Claus and a house and a fridge and a brown bear. And that's all he wants. He would probably like:
- balls (he loves balls, especially bouncy balls)
- cars

- Legos
- Overalls
- Clothes for work
- Goose Island Rootbeer
- Gift Certificate to Barnes & Noble or Best Buy
- Watch (I have big wrists)
- Bald wig
- Address book (with space to write)
- Chocolate Chipless Cookie Dough (like Polly owes me)
- any Asterix and Obelix Books
- any Tintin Books
- Movies:
- The Pixar Short Films Movie(!!!!)
- Laurel and Hardy 3-pack at Target(20th Century Fox)
- Old Maid, starring Bette Davis
- Charlie Chaplin's The Gold Rush
- Guitar
- Laptop
- Car
- Riverfront Property (house included)
- Pretty wife who laughs at my jokes and can balance a checkbook
- lots of other stuff

- Jeans
- Sweaters
- Hat, scarf, and mitten sets
- Apache mall gift card
- Shoes
- Portfolio for my drawings
- Medium-Advanced piano books
- Comfy pajamas
- Bathrobe
- Real Alive baby

- Brandon Heath "Don't Get Comfortable" cd
- This is Me by Jeffrey Dean
- Cute Shoes
- Clothes
- Chris Rice "Amusing" cd
- Hawk Nelson "Letters to the President" cd
- Um.... other cds
- Very cute apron that's at target.
- Basketball
- Books

- Airsoft gun
- trail-cam
- I-pod
- laptop
- paintball gun
- blaze bibs
- power tools
- cds
- model car or air plane
- rook cards
- legos
- shirts, pants, shoes
- drum set

- Rocktron Classic Wah Pedal
- Ibanez AW7 Tone Lok Autowah Pedal (Same Link)
- Boss DD-3 Digital Delay Pedal
- Electric Guitar
- Epiphone Les Paul Jr. 90 Electric Guitar (Vintage Sunburst)
- Legos
- I-Pod
- NHL 2008
- Airsoft/Paintball guns
- NFL 2008
- Guitar Cables
- Guitar Amp
- Gift Certificates to Wal-Mart and Schmitt Music
- Saxophone supplies (such as Cork Grease, Pad Saver, and Key Oil.)
- Laptop
- Recording program with plug-in for a guitar cable
- Flash Drive
- Bicycle Cards (Blue and Red)
- Double side Blue-Red Backed cards (preferably Bicycle)
- Videos

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